Risk Management

Solutions to help minimise risk and maximise return

CoreLogic is the only UK property information and analytics provider that can offer a total risk management solution based on your business' unique risk management metrics, risk policies, cost factors and customer acquisition requirements.

6 types of Risk Management Solutions to help your business:
  1. Valuations - deliver accurate and low risk valuations without having to physically inspect a property with our innovative valuation technologies.
  2. Scenario analysis/stress testing - minimise risk by using a variety of methodologies to predict changes in housing price across a range of different scenarios.
  3. Area modelling - accurately identify suburbs or postcodes where property values are at risk of severe value decline.
  4. Credit scoring - quickly and easily determine the risk profile of clients. 
  5. Market Indices - access current and complete data and insights to better understand the housing market allowing you to minimise risk and maximise opportunities.
  6. Collateral management system - streamline work and process-flow management to help you generate workflow efficiencies.