Data & Analytics

Make better decisions with data-driven insights

Data and analytics are at the heart of our company's offering. With our extensive insights into property data, we can help you make better decisions, refine your marketing activity, educate your team, improve your customer relationships, and minimise risk at all levels.

7 ways Data and Analytics Solutions can help your business:
  1. Build better customer relationships and boost sales - have a detailed understanding of what your customers need, when they need it, and how you can deliver.  
  2. Work more efficiently with real-time access to vital data around the clock - get instant answers anywhere whether in your office or out on the road with your mobile apps.
  3. Mitigate risk across your business - reduce concentration risk for loans, and run off risks and lapse risks for insurance products, mortgage product and other services.
  4. Streamline new business activity - easily producing custom branded reports and specific targeted campaigns.
  5. Identify market trends - use our data insights to help identify what is happening in a particular geographic area, predict possible changes in that area, and determine how your business should respond.
  6. Educate your team – we provide regular access for your staff to quality data and train them on its use improves their market and client knowledge.
  7. Understand your market presence – our insights can analyse market share and how you are performing, helping you identify growth strategies and potential risks.