Property Monitor

Win, keep & grow customers by having the right conversation at the right time

Whether the goal is to increase uptake, retention or improve customer satisfaction, Property Monitor allows you to do this by enhancing your customer targeting strategy.

Property Monitor alerts organisations of major property events, appending additional insights so that you can initiate timely, relevant contact accompanied by a strong and insightful conversation.

4 ways Property Monitor helps your business
  1. Alerts when property events occur - alerts triggered and sent to your organisation when a property event or change occurs.
  2. Insights - optional property and consumer insights appended to improve the conversation.
  3. Collaboration - collaborative product which forms part of the CoreLogic engagement strategy, helping our customers to identify segments, target customers and improve the subsequent interaction.
  4. Turn on event notifications that are relevant to you - easily switch on new events as and when they’re relevant to your business.

Key Features
  • Property event triggers: Listing for sale, Listing for rent, Sold, Value change and Anniversary of sale
  • Property & demographic insights
  • Easily switch on new alerts when they make sense for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many properties are put on the market each year?

Approximately 5% of residential properties in UK are listed for sale every year.

Can I get reporting on the success of my property monitoring?

Yes, we can help you understand the value of leads that are being supplied, benchmark these against the market, and show differentiations in value across different geographies and segmentations.

Do you offer any other property event triggers?

We are continuously looking to add functionality to the Property Monitor suite. Watch this space!