Intelligent property value estimates powered by the CoreLogic property data bureau

IntelliVal is the next generation automated valuation model (AVM) from CoreLogic specifically built for the UK property financial services industry. IntelliVal was designed using advanced analytical technology that provides stronger access to the CoreLogic property data bureau and improved responses to market conditions, which will enhance the UK industry’s understanding of property valuation risk.    

Developed across three international markets over the past two years, IntelliVal capitalises on artificial intelligence to deliver a solution capable of:

  • Rapidly responding to changes in the profile of market data.
  • Retaining understanding of historic market trends & events.
  • Incorporating new data elements without large redevelopment time frames.

Artificial Intelligence allows IntelliVal to instantaneously adapt to new data or changes in data populations without large development cycles, enabling lenders to receive incremental value as the availability of data grows.

Underpinned by forward thinking API and User Interface technologies, IntelliVal can easily integrate into your organisation’s business workflow to deliver the maximum value.

3 ways IntelliVal helps your business
  1. Improve ‘Time to Yes’ – using advanced data capabilities and forecasting, will lead to faster property valuations.
  2. Reduce Valuation Cost – using IntelliVal to accurately value more properties with confidence, will reduce the overall cost in valuations.
  3. Mitigate Risk – using big data volumes combined with intelligent analytics, will help to better identify property risk.  

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Key Features
  • Estimated property value
  • Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD)
  • API Integration
  • Local analytical support
  • Total UK AVM database available.
  • Market and customer reporting
  • Scalable cloud-based technology