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An estate agent's livelihood depends on their ability to win listings and ultimately sell property. CoreLogic gives them the tools to do just that by providing estate agents greater insight into their locality, from current 'on the market' information through to knowing which properties are likely to list in the near future.

3 ways CoreLogic can grow your business

CoreLogic is a comprehensive provider of property data to agents, delivering the most up to date market insights and most powerful business tools to help you list, sell and lease with ease.

  1. Win more listings – we connect you with property insights that help you identify home owners who are poised to sell.
  2. Be the local expert – get a real understanding of your local market down to address level. Easily identify the current market value, estimated rental values and the number of properties sold in an area.
  3. Retain clients - receive an alert when significant property events happen so that you can proactively engage with your client to retain their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need CoreLogic data when I’ve got my own data about the local market?

There is a difference between big data and lots of data. Most agents have lots of data about their listings, sales and property management clients past and present but it is limited by their own ability to collect and analyse it.

The purpose of truly valuable big data is to help understand not just what is happening in your own business, but the broader property market and your performance in it. Big data can also help you better understand clients, how to offer them service that delights them, and how to identify potential clients faster than your competitors. Used properly, big data such as that offered by CoreLogic allows better quality decisions to be made based on fact, not assumptions and will give you context about the market you are in.

Shouldn’t property data be owned and controlled by estate agents?

The property data ecosystem is much larger than just estate agents – it covers banks, mortgage brokers, government at all levels, builders, developers, lawyers, accountants and even the businesses that supply products and services to home owners. We believe property data is most transparent and reliable when it is collated, managed and distributed by independent companies whose expertise is data, research and analytics and who have rigorous processes for delivering it in a transparent and trusted manner.

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