Leverage CoreLogic's extensive property data

CoreLogic’s mission is to help insurers make property insurance easy. We delivers rich data and analytics that supports your business and are able to create and analyse information to suit your business needs. We can also help you target your efforts to make sure you are delivering to your customers when, where and how they need you. CoreLogic data and insights can help you understand when your customers are most likely to make insurance based decisions, helping you to further improve overall customer experience.

From reduction of time and effort through pre-population of property details in online application forms, to enabling of proactive customer service through alerts about changes to your customer’s property or situation, CoreLogic is the perfect partner for the insurance industry. 

5 ways CoreLogic can help insurance companies 

Our data – including reconstruction costs, property attributes, occupier intelligence and mapping – is overlaid with powerful demographic analytics to create extraordinary insights to help you:

  1. Revolutionise the claims process - reduce claims costs and improve the customer experience via data driven cloud-based workflow solutions.
  2. Customise quotes - pre-populate property features to tailor quotes to new and existing customers.
  3. Be in the know - easily identify when properties were purchased and when policies are due for renewal, or when a new sale indicates a potential new client can be found at an address.
  4. Identify hazards - Understand locations, identify hazards and local infrastructure as well as geographical and environmental features.
  5. Reconstruction estimates - provide comprehensive estimates of what it will cost for the total reconstruction of a property or portfolio.

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